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REMCO is strategically positioned in a very dynamic environment. The real estate tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Egypt. The most dynamic segment of this industry is the real estate for leisure or Residential Tourism, caused by increased per capita income and holiday durations, as well as technological progress which improves the cost and the convenience of travel to nearby destinations within Egypt. However, increased sophistication and differentiation of demand, requires product diversification and an ability to match target market segments with attractive prices and unit designs.

Customers nowadays are looking for much more than sand, sea and the simple life. Thus, the winning prescription is to provide increased quality at lower costs, while attracting customers by a wide range of services, such as golf, spas, adventures, diving opportunities and the like. This prescription is supported by the world wide maturing awareness of the environment and sustainable development strategies.

REMCO's potential for growth in the real estate and tourism development market is based on six important pillars:

- Sound, independent and diversified projects.
- Commitment to schedule.
- Competitive prices.
- Carefully tailored payment terms.
- Continuous operations and maintenance.
- Safe-guarding the environment.

REMCO continuously seeks new business opportunities focusing mainly on new residential areas and tourist destination that are yet to be exploited.

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