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Incorporated in 1995, Remco Tourism Villages Construction Company (RTVC) is the flagship of the Remco Group (REMCO). RTVC was first traded on the Egyptian Stock Exchange in 1998 (RTVC.CA) and its current paid-up capital exceeds EGP 2 billion.

RTVC forms part of and owns the majority shares in all REMCO Group companies:
• Egyptian Tourism Village Construction (ECTV)
• Orient Tours Hotels and Tourism Villages (OTHV)
• Tourism International Company (TIC)
• Remco Real Estate Construction (RREC)
• Pharonia Trading & Contracting Company (PTC)
• Empain Tourism Investments Company (ETIC)
• Scandinavian Tourism Development & Investment Company (STDIC)
• Remco Restaurant Management Company (RRM)

REMCO’s projects include resort complexes that comprise hotels, commercial areas and housing units, residential complexes, standalone hotels as well as entertainment venues. REMCO selects and acquires plots of land, designs the development, sells individual units and retains ownership of public areas such as hotels, landscaped areas, beaches and communal swimming pools, roads, water and sewage treatment plants.

REMCO maintains and safeguards the development after delivery of the units to their owners. Its projects are located in the Greater Cairo area, on the North Coast of Egypt and on the Red Sea Coast.

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