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Realizing the national need and the strategic importance of construction to economic development, the Government of Egypt has taken measures to encourage and support infrastructure planning, establishment of new communities and tourism development. The last decade witnessed massive developments on the Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts, Sinai and suburban Cairo.

These developments are largely sponsored by prominent business groups and financial institutions. The residential and resort real estate markets in Egypt have experienced a boom, wherein numerous new real estate development projects have been undertaken to address the country's needs for further development. The demand for development has been high due to extensive private sector construction of tourist resorts and villages in new attractive areas on the Red Sea coast, Sinai and the North Coast.

Rapid growth has taken place with the expansion expected to continue over the next few years. REMCO has taken advantage of government support and incentives provided via infrastructure projects in the new areas, as well as tax and investment incentives.
The projects undertaken by REMCO have varying life cycles which helps in ensuring a steady stream of profits and enhanced cash management thus minimizing the impact of the cyclical nature of property development. REMCO 's value will be that of an ongoing concern with long-term profit generation capability.

In its capacity of holding company, REMCO performs a wide range of management functions: project conceptualization, sales promotion, technical support, financial management, project management and property operations and administration. This central management approach offers a number of advantages, among which are:

Cost effective promotional resources which allows a wider reach of the targeted customer base.

Efficient funds management and stronger financial control.

Leveraging highly skilled professionals over a number of projects.

Economies of scale.

REMCO strives to provide its customers with high quality residential and resort units at affordable prices with convenient payment terms. It also ensures that its shareholders benefit from its strategy through sustainable development.

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