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The judicious selection of land, combining housing and commercial units with hotels has proven to be a winning formula as shown by the Stella di Mare resort at Ain Soukhna, RTVC's pilot project.

This winning prescription geared REMCO to sustain its success via a continual strive to upgrade its management structure, maintane dynamic team spirit, and open two way communications policies within the group. This has enabled the company to boost current efficiencies and sidetrack possible adverse effect on the progress of work.

REMCO's services extend beyond construction and contracting practices:

Land Portfolio Development: In support of its current and future business plans and to build up its assets, REMCO has acquired a diversified land portfolio in strategic locations on the Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts as well as in Greater Cairo.

Design & Conceptualization: REMCO's strategy is to provide high quality products at competitive prices to enhance client satisfaction and project marketability. To achieve this Remco has collaborated with international design offices; focused on finishing according to customer needs; spent liberally on landscaping, incorporating gardens and lagoons; ensured spacious distribution of lodging for privacy and visual comfort.

Marketing and Promotional Approach: The marketing strategy is based on introducing the target market to: quality of its products; proven commitment to schedule; competitive value for money offers; attractive financing schemes; sustainable operation and maintenance by establishing collective maintenance funds.

Project Management: RTVC has extended its activities to act as a developer holding company, offering centralized management services to its subsidiaries thereby achieving economies of scale and enhancing the promotion and sales capabilities. Accordingly the company provides its own management for the projects which ensures efficiency and high quality products.

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